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President Eisenhower's Christmas Gift Print - 1957 President Kennedy's White House Christmas Cards - 1962 President Nixon's White House Christmas Cards - 1973 President Truman's White House Christmas Cards - 1952

Break out the Christmas cards, string the lights, put on the Christmas music, and settle down with a cup of hot cocoa. You are in for a treasure trove of information on White House Christmas cards and how the presidents celebrated the Christmas season. History buffs will delight in the facts discussing Presidential Christmas cards sent, Christmas trees decorated, and Christmas gifts given by the entire spectrum of all 42 American presidents – from George Washington to Barack Obama.

Share in the heap of knowledge provided by our experts, who have spent countless hours compiling historical data on the official White House Christmas cards as well as the Christmas traditions of our former executive leaders. The presidents have garnered a great deal of discussion from the beginning of our country until the present day. If you love history, you will find an interesting selection of facts and trivia that spans several centuries. And although the official White House Christmas cards have been the primary focus, the articles on each of our presidents and their Presidential Christmas traditions include additional interesting facts in condensed short narratives.

Along with information on the White House Christmas cards, you will find pictures of all our presidents and other historical photos that enhance the information you find throughout these pages. Our goal is to satisfy your appetite for history and to settle your curiosity for Presidential Christmas cards trivia. Enjoy reading through the site and be sure to leave a comment if you have any additional information on the White House Christmas cards or Presidential Christmas traditions.

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